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Make No Bake! Train Cake in the Most Simple Way

Ellen Ibbot November 12, 2019

Birthday is certainly one such occasion that everyone wants to celebrate on grand. When it comes to kids, they want to have a grand party to celebrate with their family and friends too. If you have brought ample of times some most sorted birthday cakes for your kids and you think, it is now tome to experiment making on own then here is a quick recipe that can be helpful. Be it a Love heart cake, princess cakes, a giant rainbow cakes or a polka dot cakes, decide any theme but enjoy making this incredible recipe with no hassle.

No-Bake Train Cake:

This recipe is easy and does not include any baking hassle. Of course, there will be no compromise on the taste and the best part is it is extremely simple to be made. This cake includes a perfect blend of mini rolls and Swiss roll with the wheels of sweets cargo and Jammie Dodger.

Serves: 6 – 8

Skill: Easy

Cost: Cheap

Prep: 1 Hr


  • A large cake board/drum
  • Green liquid food colouring- few drops
  • Matchmaker chocolates-130g pack
  • Chocolate Swiss rolls-2
  • Licorice whirls-2
  • Tube Smarties-1
  • Small bag Iced Gem biscuits-1
  • Desiccated coconut-100g
  • Readymade buttercream icing-400g
  • Chocolate fingers-114g pack
  • Jammie Dodger biscuits-4
  • Mini Rolls-4
  • Small bag Jelly beans-1


  • Take a bowl and put coconut with green food colouring a few drops. Stir it well and till you see the green shade which looks similar to that of a ‘grass’
  • Spread the board of the cake with the buttercream thin layer which will be the icing and then put the coloured coconut evenly
  • To create the train tracks, place the matchmakers and add little buttercream which will stick to it. Add some chocolate fingers so that there will be a look at the track.
  • Take 10cm of the Swiss roll piece and put the biggest one on the track to get a train engine look.
  • Add Swiss roll on the engine and secure it well with the buttercream. Put some more buttercream to stick licorice whirl on the pieced top.
  • Now it is time for you to add Jammie Dodgers to the engine for which you will again need buttercream. Take another Swiss roll and cut it in two and put it on each of the sections to get the look of a car.
  • With 2 mini rolls that you put on the engine behind the side and half swiss roll on the top side, spread the buttercream well
  • Use the other two Swiss rolls on top and add jelly bean ‘freight’. And put some iced gem on the grass which will give you the look of flowers.

A Quick Tip:

If your kid likes vanilla sponging then you can swap the chocolate Swiss roll with the plain sponge so that your kid can enjoy eating it

The best part about such birthday cakes is that you don’t have to put much effort and can be shared by a large number of people too. This recipe is absolutely mouth relishing and healthy for your kids. Such cakes are easy to assemble and can make the occasion mesmerizing. Surely after seeing this cake, the face of your child will light up. It usually takes 1 hour to be cooked. Make sure you store it well in the airtight container before you serve it.

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