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Make your jewellery collection unique with fluorite jewellery

Davy Greene August 14, 2015

Fluorite Jewellery

Unique pieces of jewellery are often made by using exotic gemstone which gives a new dimension to the piece of jewellery. For characteristic pieces of jewellery with dedicated colours, fluorite is an upcoming choice in the new markets.

Fluorite is made by mineral makeup which makes it very soft. The pliability of the gemstone makes it a difficult stone to work with and careful maintenance is required.

Choosing the right piece of fluorite jewellery to add to one’s collection is vital. Although, it is affordable, one should have absolute information before buying the mineral. Here are some tips, which can help buyers to choose their unique fluorite piece.

Fluorite Gemstones

Fluorite is a gemstone which is made by years of mineral deposition. It is accessible in a vast variety of shades but the best shade which is popular among jewellers and buyers alike is the deep violet colour. In its facade, a fluorite looks like an amethyst, but whereas amethyst is a healing crystal, fluorite is a mineral. A definite unusual feature of fluorite is the branded gemstones.

During the natural process of development, many impure substances and other minerals attach to fluorite which results in a definite clear band of colour on the fluorite. These impure substances produce streaks of many different tints inside the gemstone and give it a very attractive look.

Most crystals are either opaque or transparent, but fluorite comes in all intensities of transparency. From opaque to light reflecting transparent is available in fluorite gemstones.


Florescence is a property of materials which allows them to change their colour under ultra violet radiation. The fluorite exhibits this quality and it can prominently change its colour under ultraviolet rays. It makes them more fashionable than any other metal or gemstone.


Fluorite is a very soft material which makes it easy to cut and polish. But also, due to its pliability, it is not used in daily wear jewellery.

Mostly jewellers do not make fluorite rings since they can damage the gemstone everlastingly. Habitually stunning pendants, necklaces and earrings are made with fluorites.

Careful handling

Fluorite is a beautiful gemstone but as fragile as glass. The mineral has the ideal cleavage which gives it its beauty. But if the piece of jewellery with the fluorite gemstone is dropped and hits a rigid surface, the gemstone will smash into a thousand pieces just like glass.

So, one should handle their fluorite pieces very carefully and with a gentle hand. Non-abrasive cleaners, without harsh chemicals should be used for gentle cleaning otherwise the polished surface of the gemstone may be damaged permanently.

Fluorite stone can be purchased in jewellery shops or online. They are available in necklaces, earrings, pendants, beads and as stones to be utilized into jewellery. The mineral is soft enough to be cut into any shape and the buffing of the stone is also much uncomplicated. A resilient and amazing stone if handled with care. Start buying your own dazzling fluorite pieces to add to your unique jewellery Perth collection.

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