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Quick Measures to Fix QuickBooks Error 2000

allanramsay09 December 12, 2023

Numerous QuickBooks users encounter hurdles during online banking due to user errors in configuring banking settings within Windows and QuickBooks. One prevalent issue, QuickBooks Error 2000, disrupts online banking access in both QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions.

QuickBooks Error 2000 arises due to incorrect login credentials or inactive online banking status. This error may also occur while opening company files in QuickBooks Desktop, displaying a message indicating the software’s inability to verify financial institution information for downloads. Resolving QuickBooks Error 2000 is crucial without jeopardizing vital QuickBooks data.

By adhering to the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, users can efficiently address this error. For comprehensive guidance, users are encouraged to follow the entire article, ensuring a complete understanding of the troubleshooting procedures to resolve QuickBooks Error 2000 effectively. However, if the issue continues, get in touch with us on our Toll-Free Number 1-855-856-0042

Reasons For QuickBooks Online Banking Error

To address the issues related to QuickBooks online banking error it is essential to know about the factors affecting this issue. The two primary reasons triggering the situation include the following.

  • The encountered issue suggests incorrect login credentials for accessing online banking via QuickBooks. This results in a failure to authenticate the user’s credentials with the banking servers.
  • As a consequence of the issue, the online banking servers remain unresponsive to the request, hindering access to the stored data.

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Resolving QuickBooks Bank Error 2000

Resolving this issue entails rectifying the login credentials within QuickBooks to align them accurately with the user’s online banking account, thereby facilitating successful communication and access to the banking servers for data retrieval.

Solution 1: Verification of Banking Login Credentials

These instructions aim to rectify configuration faults between banking login credentials and QuickBooks, ensuring seamless online banking access.

  • Start by confirming the accuracy of your banking login details.
  • Visit your online banking website and attempt to sign in using these credentials.
  • If an error persists, type your credentials in a text file, ensuring accurate input without Caps Lock enabled.
  • In case of continued issues, utilize the ‘forgot login ID/password’ link to reset the credentials.
  • Subsequently, log in to QuickBooks using the updated details to verify access.
  • If the issue doesn’t resolve, then try out the next technique.

Solution 2: Verification of Online Banking Activity

Most of the time, we miss out on the notifications we receive from the bank. Ensure your online banking account remains active by logging into your bank’s website through a browser.

  • Check for any notifications requiring additional information to maintain online banking access.
  • If prompted, provide the necessary details to reactivate online banking.
  • After these steps, access QuickBooks to verify if Error 2000 persists.


The above explained solutions aim to rectify login discrepancies and ensure the continuous activity of your online banking account. Verifying accurate login details and active status is crucial to mitigate QuickBooks Error 2000 and ensure smooth online banking integration with QuickBooks. Despite this, if you continue facing issues in your QuickBooks experience, get in touch with us on our Toll-Free Number 1-855-856-0042.

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