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Seven Benefits of having plants in your office desk

Greenium November 12, 2021

Having more greenery in your office has a lot of scientific benefits. Human beings tend to be connected with nature. It is known as biophilia. Due to the increasing population, the connection to nature has decreased rapidly.

Adding some greenery in your workplace has a lot of positive benefits for employees. These are seven benefits of introducing plants for office desks or workplaces. 

Increase productivity

The productivity of the employees increases many times when the space is filled with some plants. According to research, placing some plants in your office will improve the memory power of the employees. Plants help you to work better.

You will feel happier and psychologically engaged in your work happily. Plants not only boost organizational productivity but also help to manage time and things more effectively. You can spend extra time on other tasks.

Decrease stress

When you introduce plants to your workplace then it significantly decreases the stress among workers and also reduces tension and anxiety by more than 37 %. Plants are also helpful in decreasing depression, detection, anger, hostility, and fatigue.

Only a single plants for office desk provides a soothing experience that promotes the well-being and performance of the employees. The green color of indoor plants has a calming and relaxing effect. So introduce plants to the workplace to get this effect.

Reduce absence rates

Adding plants to the workplace helps to reduce the risk of sick building strong syndrome and the wellbeing and productivity of the employees also improve. Plants also decrease the symptoms of concentration problems, ill health, dry skin, and irritation. Plants bring positive change in the working environment and also affect individual health.

Boost creativity

By including natural indoor plants in your office you can increase the creativity of employees by 15% higher. When we take a look at indoor plants, it shifts the brain into a different processing mode and employees feel more relaxed and concentrated on work.

Clean The air

Air purifying plants also help in decreasing air pollution. Plants decrease the level of carbon dioxide by almost 10% in the office room. Plants effectively remove chemicals like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene benzene and provide cleaner air for human beings.

Decrease noise levels

Plants effectively absorb sounds and help to reduce the effect of background noise. Place the largest indoor plant in various places and corners of the office. It will give you a positive result.

Natural decorator

Plants work as natural decorators in your office. Indoor plants not only add color and beauty to your workplace but also provide an undeniably soothing environment. There are a lot of ideas to decorate your space with indoor plants.

Easy to maintain

Indoor plants are not only easy to maintain but also inexpensive. You will need to water them once a week. If you generally forget to water the plants then you can choose desert plants like Cacti.

Health Benefits

Plants help to reduce stress, improve mood and increase the quality and humidity of the air.

Specific use

Indoor plants have quite specific uses; for example, aloe vera is used to treat burns its gel-like substance soothes skin.

Better mood

When you spend your time near nature It relieves stress and also enhances mood. Indoor plants also help to boost the productivity of employees.

Increase the humidity.

During the winter season, our home or office is relentlessly dry. It also causes painfully dry skin and sinus problems. Indoor plants increase indoor humidity. They absorb water from the soil through their roots, plants perform the function of photosynthesis. In the process of photosynthesis, plants open their pores to absorb CO2 and release some water that provides humidity to your workspace.

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