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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Creating Eye-Catching Banners with Glitch Text

Walterrichards March 4, 2024

For many years, banners have been a potent means of getting people’s attention and spreading messages.

Creating captivating banners is more crucial than ever in the digital era.

The use of glitch text, which gives your banners a distinctive and alluring visual element, is one trend that has grown in popularity.

Why Glitch Text?

Let’s examine why glitch text is important before we begin the tutorial.

Your banners will feel cutting-edge and futuristic thanks to glitch text, which is identified by its distorted and fragmented appearance.

It’s a fantastic way to stand out in a crowded digital space and pique people’s interest.

Obtaining the necessary equipment.

You’ll need the right equipment to start making glitch text banners.

For this purpose, there are fortunately lots of online tools and software choices. One popular option is Adobe Photoshop, which provides a variety of effects and filters to create the glitch effect.

If you would like a free alternative, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a fantastic option and offers comparable functionality.

To save time and make the process easier, you might also want to look into online glitch text generators. These tools let you enter text and automatically apply glitch effects.

  1. Laying Out Your Canvas.

Set up your canvas after you’ve prepared your preferred software or online tool.

Whether it’s a website, social media, or print design, take into account the platform where your banner will be displayed.

Make sure you are aware of the ideal size for your banner because different platforms might require specific dimensions.

Typically, a social media platform’s banner should be 1200×628 pixels in size.

To prevent cropping or distortion issues, it’s a good idea to double-check the size specifications for your preferred platform.

  1. Background creation.

Now that you’ve chosen the size of your canvas, it’s time to design the backdrop for your banner.

Your message’s tone and atmosphere are established by the background. Depending on your content, you may choose a solid color, a gradient, or even an image that supports your brand or message.

To further highlight your glitch text, think about using bright, contrasting colors.

To find the background that best supports your message and design concept, try out a few different ones.

  1. Designing with Glitch Text”.

We’re back with Part 2 of our tutorial on using glitch text to create eye-catching banners. In this section, we’ll examine how to design your banner in a way that’s both visually arresting and truly captivating.

  1. Choosing the Correct Text.

It’s important to carefully consider the text you choose for your banner.

It’s the main point you want to make clear to your audience.

Select a font design that not only fits with your brand or message but also enhances the glitch effect.

As they maintain readability while embracing the warped aesthetic, bold, sans-serif fonts frequently go well with glitch text.

Think about your text’s size and placement.

However, it shouldn’t overshadow the glitch effects or the overall design. It should be prominent enough to draw attention.

  1. Glitch effects are being applied.

Applying glitch effects to your text is now the exciting part.

At this stage, your banner begins to take shape and work its magic.

By combining filters, distortions, and layer adjustments in Photoshop or GIMP, you can create the glitch effect.

Try out various effects, such as “Wave,” “Zigzag,” and “Displace,” to produce the distinctive glitches.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be imaginative when making these adjustments.

Always keep in mind that you want your text to appear jumbled, disjointed, and intriguing.

  1. Fine-Tuning and color are included.

Apply the glitch effects and then polish your design.

To get the desired effect, change the direction, frequency, and intensity of the glitches.

To further enhance the glitch text’s appeal, experiment with color overlays and gradients.

Bright, contrasting colors can give your design a futuristic feel.

  1. Including Visual Elements. 

Consider including additional graphic components to your banner, such as shapes, lines, or images that support your message, to make it more visually appealing. These components can balance the composition and break up the glitch text.

  1. Feedback and testing. 

To make sure it appears as intended across all platforms and devices, test your banner before completing it.

Additionally, get input from peers or colleagues to gain new insight and spot any areas that could use improvement.

  1. Using and Exporting Your Banner.

Once you’re happy with your glitch text banner, export it in the right format for the platform of your choice. JPEG and PNG are popular formats for digital use, while TIFF is used for high-quality prints.

For clear and crisp display, be sure to save a high-resolution version.

You can now upload and display your eye-catching glitch text banner wherever your message needs to stand out, including on your website and social media profiles.

Throughout all of your marketing channels, keep your brand and messaging consistent.

For a quick and easy way to generate glitch text, you can use online tools like Glitch Text Generator.


Making banners with glitch text is a fun way to grab people’s attention and make a good impression.

From setting up your canvas to effectively designing with glitch text, this two-part tutorial has walked you through the steps.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, think outside the box, and push the limits of glitch text art as you continue to explore the world of graphic design.

It’s possible to make banners that stand out in the digital world in countless ways, and with practice you’ll become an expert.

With these abilities at your disposal, go ahead and produce your own eye-catching glitch text banners that enthrall, inspire, and engage your audience.

Good luck with your creations!

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