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The number one honeymoon destination – Tahiti

Dan Radak September 11, 2014

The island of Tahiti, situated in the Pacific Ocean, must be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Its stunning beauty has enchanted one ingenious painter (Cezanne), one of the best actors of all time (Brando) and one whole country (France; annexed it in the 19th century). Situated some 4000 miles east of the Australian coast, Tahiti stands out as a unique, almost extraterrestrial-like spot in this part of the world. Although the whole area is really picturesque, Tahiti has a special place today, partly because of its unquestionable gorgeousness and partly because of its fame linked with its already mentioned famous residents. If you want to have a great time and take some rest from the 21st century schizoid world, visiting Tahiti is something you should not postpone anymore. And if the cause is your honeymoon, this place seems to be the best choice in the world.

Tahiti Honeymoon

How to get there?

Although Tahiti might seem like a country far, far away, the truth is that it is actually quite easy to get there. Of course, you need to be ready to change a flight or two, but this island (or rather an archipelago) is reachable from Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Tokyo and from Australian and airports. The local airliner, Air Tahiti Nui is an experienced company with a long tradition. Their employees can also give you basic information about the island if you are coming there for the first time.

Where to rest your back?

When coming to such a fabulous but still barely known place, you should not be too easy-going. Many things are quite different from you home country, especially if you come from one of more developed countries. So, when it comes to Tahiti accommodation tips, the most important one is that you stick to safe solutions. If a hotel or a villa is a part of a larger and well-known company, go for it. Avoid obscure rooms and bungalows. Although one of the main attractions in this part of the world are over-water bungalows, be reasonable. While the feeling you get when you come out of it and there is only the ocean in front of you is priceless, you must be aware of the fact that in such a context you will not have too much privacy.

Where to rest your eyes?

Tahiti is not only an ocean haven, but there are also some interesting attractions here. What is a must-see is definitely the Fautaua Waterfall. Although is not actually the Angel Falls in Venezuela, Fautaua is an attractive spot, where water collapses from the height of almost 1000 ft.

To satisfy the cultural side of your soul, you should also visit the James Norman Hall Home. This author, famous for the book The Mutiny on Bounty (in the big-screen-version of which Brando starred), lived there from 1920s to 1950s. It would be interesting to see the place and surroundings that inspired the author of such a great work.

Apart from these spots, you should pay a visit to other islands if the French Polynesia archipelago, especially Bora Bora. The beauty and seclusion of whole this area will leave you speechless and breathless. When in such a scenery, you actually do not need to speak or breathe; only observe and enjoy.

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