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Things You Need About Boiler Gasket Material

lsmithdennis April 2, 2021

A boiler is an important addition to a residential or commercial building. Peerless and other leading brands manufacture both oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. Your choice should be based on important factors such as fuel/gas supply, available space as you need a tank with an oil-boiler. In addition to comparing efficiency ratings, you should check easy, online availability of Blue Max Gaskets and other boiler parts.

Like every hot water and steam system, your boiler also uses Blue Max Gaskets or gaskets by some other brand. If you look at manholes and handholes that provide access, you can also see gaskets around them. Blue Max Gaskets prevent leaks in pipe joints and exhaust ducting. Prepare for serious consequences if a gasket in your boiler stops working. Exhaust gas, steam or water leaks not only increase the operating cost by reducing efficiency, but these issues can be dangerous as well. This is the reason why you should check the conditions of gaskets on a regular basis and replace them at least once a year. 

Your boiler has a heating element or burner and a heat exchanger. Chemical treatment of water prevents corrosion. This is where the heat exchanger comes into play. As the name implies, it allows the exchange of heat. If you are using a steam-producing boiler, pressure can exceed 180PSI and temperature can exceed 380°F.     

In these systems, hot water or steam enters pipes. The condensation of vapor returns vapors to the boiler. If you have a condensing boiler, you will find carbonic acid (a corrosive condensate) in the exhaust stack. 

Boiler Maintenance 

Want to shut down your boiler? Keep in mind that it can be disruptive and expensive. Do this at the time of maintenance. An annual inspection is extremely important for the performance of your boiler. Clean your boiler on a regular basis. 

Soot accumulation can affect the efficiency and life of the boiler. Remove soot and check if all the components are working properly or not. You need to open manholes and handholes for cleaning and inspection. This is the right time to check the condition of gaskets and replace them. Avoid reusing gaskets even if you don’t find any sign of leaks. Reusing gaskets can shut down your boiler. 

Gasket Materials 

On the boiler’s fire side, gasketing is done using fiberglass tape or rope that can handle up to 1,000°F. Graphite foil is also an option. This option comes in the form of a spiral wound gasket. Steam tolerance is the primary consideration on the water side. Tensile strength is required for resistance against internal pressure. The next important requirement is resistance to chemicals for water treatment and corrosive acids. Oxygen and heat oxidize certain gasket materials, especially the elastomeric ones. This is the reason why it is important to consider the material when buying gaskets. Also check steam resistance, good compressibility and temperature range.

You can find Blue Max Gaskets and other Epdm gaskets online. Make sure that you are choosing the right material.  

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