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Thrilling Paintball Game Technology- Let Girls Know and Play it Excitingly

AliceM October 25, 2016

Paintball can also be described as ‘War game’. Yes, it is so powerful that close friends can be turned to the enemy. Yes, it also reveals the courage of the person in facing the defeat. Moreover, if you enjoy splattering with paint, this is the best game. These paintball guns are full of paint pellets and it is too much fun. However, the beginner has to keep certain things in mind. For those who are new, this game might look no less than a chess match, with those unusual rules and nuances. Moreover, girls don’t play this game; once they play, they will come to know that it is real fun and a good way to take revenge from enemies. Girls need to keep these 10 things in mind before they are all set to play.


  • This is not going to hurt!

All you need to do is cover maximum exposed skin. Layers of clothing must be put between the paintball and the skin, so as to avoid the attack. You can probably go for layered T-shirts as well.

  • Simple dress code

Many players are seen in olive green, camouflage and earth tones. This is because they want to blend in with surroundings. With natural tones, the visibility on the field is reduced to a great extent and this makes it hard for the opposing team to spot.

  • If you are not being shot, you will be covered with paint. Yes, at the end of the day, there would be a lot of paintballs lying here and there. So, whenever you are walking, there is a likelihood of stepping on them. Since the shoes get all messy, prefer older shoes and older clothes.
  • Right shoes are good

Don’t go for those standard sneakers; opt for something having ridges. It is recommended to wear sports cleats that offer good traction. A grip on shoes is extremely important because of a number of times, slipping and falling on that piled dirt becomes easy.

  • A defensive strategy is important

This is an important advice for all those newbie. The best way is hanging inside the bunkers and not getting out.  Defensive strategy is of great importance because there is the likelihood that players who take offensive shots will be the first ones to be attacked.

  • Target any part you want

Many people are confused as to where to shoot the opponent. The fact is that you can shoot them in their head too. Basically, these are termed as ‘Headshots’. However, there are several guidelines that have to be followed. There are ground rules in many fields, with regards to the distance and the times you can shoot the enemy.  For instance, in Istanbul, you cannot go beyond 10 feet to attack. You need to maintain a 10 feet distance and unload the gun.

  • Don’t bring too many paintballs

If the targets aren’t being chosen, running out of paintballs is common. However, carrying too many paintballs is a strict NO. In a 30-minute game, around 200 paintballs can be used.

  • It’s not that if you are dead, you will be out of the game

When you are shot, everyone feels you are out. The player needs to put his gun up and say ‘Dead man’ before acknowledgment by the referee. However, if you are dead, it doesn’t mean you are out. For beginners, a reincarnation rule is offered by some fields. You can use that option and enjoy the game even further. Just get off, clean the paint and then come back.

  • Guerilla style warfare

There is no need of just running in the middle of that field. Players can find a good way between bunkers. Compare paintball to chess, and you will realize that the victory is methodical and slow.

  • Don’t get shot if possible!

This is a very good piece of advice and is extremely important as well. The more the players, the more are the chances of the team winning. Hence, make sure that you don’t get shot. Keep some safety tips in mind;

  • Paintball is a very painless sport, but yes there is some danger associated with it. The speed at which the paintball travels is 280miles/hour. However, if you don’t observe safety precautions, there might be chances of a quick sting.
  • Don’t remove your mask. Paintballs might cause damage to the eye. So ensure that the mask is worn throughout.
  • When you aren’t playing ensure that your gun is unloaded and the tank is removed. Just like other guns, accidents might happen here too. These guns must be kept away from the reach of children and ensure to teach them gun safety.

Don’t you dare pretend to that you weren’t hit? This is indeed a very big offense in the game; it is necessary to acknowledge. Don’t’ accuse the player of cheating. Advanced players invest a lot of money and time in the game and have a good reputation.

Some technological things to take care of:

  • Design

You can have a better experience while playing paintball if some technological things are taken care of. The quality of design has to be improved to a great extent. Yes, this is possible by alterations in design structure; all shortfalls must be removed. Better poppet design ensures a friendly and modular response.

  • Take care of lever systems

Lever systems can make or break the experience. If it gets stuck, players end up losing the game. The quality of the lever must be enhanced so as to offer a good playing experience.

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Alice Methew loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for different sites. Her work has been published on various sites related to Travel, Technology, Business, Management and many more!

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Alice Methew loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for different sites. Her work has been published on various sites related to Travel, Technology, Business, Management and many more! View all posts by AliceM →

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