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Top 7 Free SEO Tools For Your Website

Noel October 8, 2018

All upcoming SEOs know the importance of free SEO tools. It helps in finding out relevant keywords and to know the ranking of a website for a particular keyword.

Below listed are some of the best free SEO tools. These are among the best because of some unique features which makes them stand out from the rest.


This tool can be considered at the top of the list simply for its innovative idea of searching keywords from questions people ask on the various forums, blogs and social media.

Mostly all other SEO tools find keywords from Google keyword Planner. But does not travel this most treaded path. It looks out for the most popular questions on the internet and then converts these questions into keywords.

This innovative step gives this tool an extra edge over the other tools and thus people using this tool can get newer and most relevant keywords.

2. SEO & Website Analysis tool by

The most positive thing of this free Chrome extension offered by Woorank is its interactive way of engaging with its users.

Users feel like they are consulting live with an expert.

It provides an overall SEO ranking of the website to the user.

It also shows the areas that need an improvement and errors that need to be corrected. The most important thing of this tool is its marketing checklist.

Other tools just show you the errors but this tool suggests you measures to correct those errors.

3. SEMRush

If we go by the popularity of the tool then may be SEMRush might be the highest ranking tool among other free SEO tools.

It has a paid version too but the free version fulfills almost all your requirements.

The best feature of this tool is it allows you to find keywords that your competitors rank for. And its Keyword Magic feature allows you to find a list of all keywords related to the keyword of your interest.

4. Seed Keywords

In all other tools you enter a keyword and you get a list of all closely related keywords.
But Seed Keywords has a totally different approach to this task.

It allows you to engage with your customer. Customer puts in the words that he or people related to his field would use to search something.

Seed Keywords then uses these words to give an appropriate keyword which the user can search on Google and get instant results.

5. SEO-Browser

The best tool I have come across which shows you the way how a search engine will look at your website.
Search engines don’t see the website as a normal user.

It has its own parameters through which it scans the website and does the relative ranking.

If the user is able to see exactly how a search engine might see his website, he would be able to make necessary changes to it and hence improve its rankings. And this is where SEO-Browser comes to your aid.

6. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog has developed a niche market for itself in the area of finding technical SEO problems on a website.

It crawls through the website like any other search engine crawler and gives a list of potential risks that might be hampering the ranking progress.

The most important feature of this tool is its ability to discover duplicate content. Duplicate content is one of the most influential reasons that affect a website’s rankings.

Through Screaming Frog, one can easily put a duplicate tag on a page containing duplicate content and thus search engines will know whether to rank the page higher or lower.

7. Keys4Up

Keys4Up is unique in a way that when a user enters a keyword it does not give variations of that keyword but gives a list of keywords associated with the keyword.

There is a down point of this tool too that it does not show you how many people search for these keywords but Keys4Up has negated that point by providing an option of exporting the CSV file.

Thus the user can export the CSV file to any other SEO tool and check out the search volume of those keywords.

There are many other free SEO tools which are hugely popular but these seven have some unique features which are rarely found in other tools and these seven are best among the ones where these features are available. Seo companies using above tools can result in better practices.

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