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Tips & Tricks for Bathroom Renovations

marksimon October 8, 2018

Bathrooms are an integral part of your house and every time a guest visits you or you visit a guest, a decent and plush washroom is expected. Previously, bathrooms were the places that occupied the least area in the house and were often the most uncomfortable place to be in. Often these days the need for bathroom renovations comes from the desire to make it more comfortable and it is the old houses that require them the most. Bathroom renovations make the place more spacious and often more resplendent with colors, which makes the bathing experience all the more enjoyable.

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The Tips and Tricks to Remember While Bathroom Renovations:

#1. Know how much a bathroom renovation cost: Before starting the project, one needs to be aware of the size of the pre-existing washroom and the quality of materials that need to be used. Also, one needs to keep in mind the labour they are planning to put in the bathroom renovations. Remodelling of a bathroom often allows replacing of old fixtures and off the shelf products in a decent range of costs.

#2. Avoid locating the bathroom door directly off one of the home’s rooms: Make sure that your plumbers know whether you want to want your toilet to be mounted on the floor or wall and where you want the water supply to be positioned. If it so happens that your bathroom is the first thing that appears in front of your eyes when you open the doors of your house, it will be the least aesthetic thing that can be in your house.

#3. Leave the vintage finishes: The features of your remodelled bathroom that give a vintage tone to your bathroom can be re-fixed but should rather be left like they are. It makes the bathroom renovations to be more elegant and adds an aesthetic value to your house. Leave those vintage styles and spend money on the more drab stuff. Consider consulting a tile specialist before you remove them and spend money.

#4. Plan a lighting scheme: Bathroom renovations should yield clear and ambient lighting to make your bathroom look plush and comforting.

 bathroom renovations dandenong

#5. Try to have an idea of basic bathroom dimensions: Have a basic knowledge of the cost of a normal bathtub and the space required for the remodelling of the toilet. This will enable the bathroom renovations to be very efficient.

#6. Plan a right height for your sink: Normally a counterpoint is 32 to 34 inches off the floor, but you can also make or construct it according to the size of your bathroom.

#7. Consider a corner sink: If you have a tight space with the traffic-flow issue due to ways the entry door or shower door open, then you can consider the sink to be put in the corner.

#8. Try to check the size of your tiles twice: Check your tiles before bathroom renovations because you might often be conned and in the long run not be the exact thing you want your remodelled bathroom to be.

#9. Have more than one way of drying your toilet floor: Removing moisture from your bathroom makes it very aesthetic and also very hygienic. To do this there should be great fan vents to the outside and a big window that is operable so that your bathroom remains dry when you use them.

#10. Pay attention to how the hardwood meets the tile: If you do this while you indulge in bathroom renovations, you will have a better result than what you had expected.

These are the basic tips and tricks you need to keep in mind as your bathroom renovations begin. These tips shall make your house aesthetically pleasing and far more elegant.

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