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BAnudesigns November 24, 2020

Mangalsutra the name itself indicates the importance.  The word mangalsutra is made by combining two Hindi words mangal and sutra which means an auspicious thread that is meant for good luck. It is an ornament worn by Hindu brides which have its own traditional significance. It is a symbol of her Marital status which is tied by the groom around the bride’s neck on their wedding day during the marriage ceremony. This is considered a very important ritual in Hindu marriages as it is believed that tying this thread establishes a true and pure connection among the couple and blends this into an auspicious bond of love, happiness, and togetherness. And so the bride is supposed to wear this auspicious thread as a symbol of her marriage.

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But today apart from its traditional importance mangalsutra today is also a piece of statement jewelry for the brides and all the married women. Originally according to traditions, a Mangalsutra was made up of 108 beads which are considered a very auspicious number of cotton threads tied together and colored yellow in turmeric or saffron. And on the thread was strung a gold thali in the center. But as time changes, people change and so does fashion, and as people do like to go with the changing flow of fashion and so do the brides.

Every bride wants to look perfect and fashionable in everything she prepares for her wedding day, so while following this streak of choosing all unique and fashionable things how can she neglect the Mangalsutra which is, of course, one of the most important accessories and proof of her wedding which she carries for rest of her life. But it often happens that it is with the most important things people get stuck the most.

So if you are also the bride-to-be and want to have a unique Mangalsutra design for your wedding, you might have ended up in confusion while selecting a unique design of mangal sutra for yourself. Then let me tell you that you have landed in the correct place. Is this article I will do it all for you. So here are some of the best unique mangalsutra designs that every bride must know about.


As is the religious belief that a Mangalsutra is the symbol of marriage for a bride. So as it carries such big importance therefore even the Mangalsutra design should be unique, bright, and shiny, a heavy one.

Attached with two strings on each side with tiny black beads in a golden thread, is Etched a pendant of three concentric circles fully covered with sparkling diamonds is the unique design of this Mangalsutra. This Mangalsutra design is featured in such a way that it plays an equal part in both traditional as well as modish look.

This is a unique Mangalsutra design every bride must know about that not only stands still as per religious beliefs but also gives a very modish look with its floral design. And as a newlywed bride when you wear it with a nice tikka set you it will give you a perfect traditional yet stylish look.


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A Mangalsutra is the symbol of marriage, it indicates the eternal love and togetherness of the newlyweds. So it need not always be a very heavy piece of art hung around the neck but everybody wants it to be a unique one. As brides these days are looking for something simple yet elegant this design of Mangalsutra does it all as per their requirements.

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This is one of the unique Mangalsutra designs that every bride must know about. It consists of a thin chain made up of tiny black beads which have their own importance as per religious beliefs and with it is tied a simple small single diamond pendant that gives it a complete, elegant yet unique Mangalsutra design look. Also, it is light in weight which makes it affordable for many people which is an add-on benefit of this unique Mangalsutra design that every bride must know about.


This is a very unique yet trending mangalsutra design. And if you are someone with much religious choice then you will like it even more. This style is originally from the 20th century but is very trending these days.

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In this unique Mangalsutra design, there are three strings of black tiny beads tied together in three layers in ascending order means the shortest one at the top, the medium in the middle, and the long one at the bottom. There is a gold pendant Attached with each layer of beads in the center and at the end, all the strings are combined and tied to the same knot.

This design is mostly worn by the Maharashtrian women but as a bride, you can wear this unique design mangalsutra with a full traditional look including Indian costume and Punjabi jutti.


When it comes to jewelry gold is always preferably the first choice of the buyers and if it is pocket friendly then every bride wants diamond jewelry and sometimes even a touch of it does it all. Same is this unique mangalsutra design which is a voguish mix of gold and diamonds. This design has a half-moon-shaped pendant which is embellished with gold and diamond and attached to a string made of tiny black beads.

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If we talk about the latest fashionable mangalsutra design gold and diamond are quite trending these days, therefore, every bride wants a traditional yet chic mangalsutra design to wear around their neck which is said to be the symbol of marriage. And so this combination of gold and silver with a traditional touch is a perfect and unique Mangalsutra design for every bride to know about.


Different people have different choices. Some like to go for decent and simple designs while others are color junky. As for them, colors add extra Beauty to a piece of jewelry. They find even wonderful designs ordinary if they do not have a splash of Colours.

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For such brides is this unique design of mangalsutra full of Colours. Which can satisfy all your quench for Colours. In this mangalsutra design, the pendant is a mixture of gold, diamond, and other colorful stones attached to the garland of black tiny beads and sometimes the string can also be of different colors. This unique mangalsutra design is a small u-shaped pendant embellished with gold, silver, and edgy red and green stones. You can wear this stylish mangalsutra on a daily basis or with some matching outfits.


Pearl is a hard and glistening object which is produced under the soft tissues of shelled animals. And if we talk about the popularity of pearls I need not say anything as everyone knows pearls have been a significant material for jewelry which almost every bride loves to wear. And to have a beautiful combination of pearls and gold would be an excellent choice for the brides.

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In this design pearls of different sizes are combined in a gold chain which is attached to the string of tiny black beads. Having pearls in a mangalsutra is a completely new style but this style will surely set major trends in no time. Also, no bride will resist having this unique yet stylish design of mangalsutra for her wedding as to women pearls are always appropriate.


 As mangalsutra is said to be the symbol of marital status for a bride. It represents the love, happiness, and togetherness the couple carries after marriage for the rest of their lives. So why not to have a touch of this love and connection in your mangalsutra.

This stylish and unique mangalsutra design consists of a heart-shaped gold pendant with the design of heat beat craved inside it. And the tiny heart is attached to a string on the secondary pendant which makes the mangal sutra design even more attractive.

As this mangalsutra design displays the love for your life partner or spouse every bride-to-be would crave it. As the heart design indicates that the heart of the bride beats for her groom it builds an emotional connection to the mangalsutra and makes it even more special than just an ordinary piece of jewel. Unboxing the heartbeat on the mangalsutra is a quite new and unique design that every bride would like to know about and choose for herself.


Mangalsutra is not an ornament worn for a particular day; it is like a commitment for a lifetime. But some brides like to wear it while some might have a problem with it as a necklace like mangalsutra does not go really well with every outfit. But the bride’s need not to worry, opt for this new and unique bracelet style mangalsutra.

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This mangalsutra is like a bracelet of tiny black beads with a small diamond locket that a married woman can put on around her wrist which actually would be a mangalsutra but will look just like a bracelet and it goes well with western outfits as well. This is a very new and unique idea of mangalsutra that brides can choose that will complement their Indian as well as western look.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. For every bride, jewelry is an important aspect. And when it comes to mangalsutra which has so much traditional importance and is to be worn by her as a symbol of her marriage for the lifetime nobody wants to keep it at stake.

Every bride wants her mangalsutra, the most auspicious piece of jewelry to be very special and extraordinary which is also new to the eyes of people.

So the above mentioned are some of the best stylish and unique designs of mangalsutra that every bride must know about and that she would choose for herself.

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