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What makes LED flood lights the most durable & versatile outdoor light fixtures?

MelissaC November 6, 2020

Flood light is  artificial light with a broad beam to illuminate a very large area. Some of these places are parking garages at automobile shops,stadiums,concerts or theater halls, and outdoor sport fields.

Nowadays, they are largely used as outdoor light fixtures as they serve a variety of other purposes in both commercial and residential areas.

Floodlights are installed in backyard or front yards for security and lighting purposes as they are designed to be installed outdoors due to their highly resistant fixture type.

These lights can withstand harsh weather conditions and daily exposure to external elements like dust and heat. So it isn’t just the most powerful light fixture but a highly resistant and multipurpose light fixture.

LED flood light is of common use nowadays. LED technology has widely progressed over the last few years and now it has successfully taken over all other traditional light bulbs.

A flood light fixture is available in a range of designs and specifications for various uses around many different places.

Types of floodlights

Regular flood light

 It is generally a normal flood light fixture without external features or parts. They are of general use and designed with usual aluminium housing wired to a junction box. These lights use LED bulbs and have a built in heat sink.They can be used anywhere from street lights to garages.

Security flood light

This is the most popular kind of flood light fixture. They are integrated with motion sensors and used for security reasons in all residential and commercial buildings. They can detect motion within 1m range.

Landscape light

Landscape flood light is used to illuminate a large area of land from ground level. Most flood lights are installed at a certain elevation and designed to illuminate large grounds whereas landscape flood lights have ground mount support which can be fixed into the ground. They are used for decorative reasons they accentuate architectural features.

All in one fixture

This fixture has all light components in one fixture it includes,bulb,motion sensors, photocells, solar panel etc. Regardless of all features the design of all in one fixture is quite compact and used in areas where other flood light fixtures can not be used. They are portable and rechargeable.

Work/flagpole lights

Work lights come with tripod stands and they are the most durable form of flood light fixture. They have a front safety grill and weather protection guard. They produce bright light of around 1000 to 20000 lumens.These are also battery powered work lights that are equipped with a rechargeable battery and can work without other power sources so they can be used in areas where bright high powered light is required temporarily. E.g: stages,photobooths etc.

Why are LED floodlights preferred?

1. Cost:

regardless of high upfront cost LEDs lamps compensate the cost due to their long life span which is up to 50000 hours and little to no maintenance cost. This makes them cheaper than other floodlights in retrospect.

2. Energy savings:

LED flood lights are highly energy efficient. It only uses about 70-80% of the energy than other bulbs and produces less heat.

3. Look:

LED flood light has a simple and elegant look, it is mostly available in light weight compact designs.

4. Ease:

They are low maintenance and can be used without any prior knowledge and usually come with an installation guide. Easy to carry around.

5. Safety:

They are much safer than other lights as no mercury or lead is used in production of leds. They are recyclable and environment friendly.

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