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What You Need to Know About Brain Surgery

alenjoy789 July 27, 2022

If you are having a brain tumour removed, you may be feeling anxious and concerned about brain surgery. We encourage you to lean on your support system during this time. Remember that you are not alone, your doctor is in your corner. We have put together some of the questions that you may have. 

Our intention is to put your mind at ease. In our experience, having the information about your procedure helps you feel a bit more comfortable. The unknown can be frightening. Hopefully answering some of your questions will make the process a bit easier.

Are All Brain Surgeries for Tumors The Same?

Your doctor will explain to you what will be happening during your procedure. However, brain surgery is used to do the following:

  • Brain surgery for diagnostic purposes.
  • To remove a portion of the tumour to decelerate the growth and improve symptoms.
  • To remove the entire brain tumour.
  • Your doctor may suggest surgery to drain fluid that may be accumulating in your brain
  • Surgery may be needed to administer chemotherapy.

How Should I Prepare for Brain Surgery?

No need to worry your doctor will give you detailed instructions. You may be asked to:

  • Stop any medication that you are on at least one day before your procedure.
  • Notify your doctor about any allergies and your alcohol consumption.
Brain Surgery

Are There Any Risks Associated with Brain Surgery?

Since brain surgery is an invasive procedure, there will be a certain level of risk. However, this should not discourage you from having surgery if your doctor has recommended it.

Here Are Some of The Risks That You May Encounter with Brain Surgery:
  • Brain swelling
  • Blood clots
  • Brain bleeding
  • Allergic to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Impaired balance, speech, vision, coordination, etc
  • Memory loss
  • Strokes
  • Seizures

Who Will Be Performing My Brain Surgery?

Your surgery will be performed by a neurosurgeon and the chief resident.

Will I have to Shave My Head?

You may think that you will be left in a large bald patch, but this is rarely the case. Sometimes, you don’t have to shave your hair at all or what is cut is minimal.

How Long Will I Have To Stay At The Hospital?

If all goes well with your surgery, you may only have to stay for 3 to 5 days at the hospital. Your doctor will need to monitor you and make sure your healing process is on track. If there are complications, you may need to stay a little longer.

Will I Be in Pain After My Brain Surgery?

You may experience some tenderness in the surgical incision area. Headaches are also common. Your doctor will prescribe the right medication for your pain management. 

What is Aftercare Like After Brain Surgery?

Of course, it is different for every patient. Some people don’t need any kind of aftercare, some may need some rehabilitation. However, a general rule of thumb is to refrain from any strenuous activities for approximately 4 weeks. You should avoid running and lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds.

We hope that some of your concerns have been addressed by our question and answer segment and we wish you a successful procedure.

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