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Why You Should Upgrade from the H264 to the H265

alicesmith August 30, 2021

Some upgrades are not worth the cost or time it takes to upgrade. However, there are others that leave consumers thrilled. When you’re talking about upgrading your security camera andH. 264 VS H. 265, almost everyone has who has made the switch has stated that they are happy with the decision they made. Unlike some upgrades that feature a new color or a small change, this camera upgrade has major changes. The changes in the H265 are things owners will notice and appreciate.


If the amount of bandwidth you use is a concern, and it should be, you’ll love the H265. The amount of bandwidth used is greatly reduced with this camera.

Why Bandwidth Matters

Using less bandwidth helps keep your internet, and therefore streaming and download speeds, faster. You don’t want a camera that lags when it’s recording. You could end up missing important events. Between the H264 VS the H265, you’ll save a lot of bandwidth with the H265 and that means a better experience for you.

Image Quality

No one wants a security camera with poor image quality, but many cameras don’t have the technology to give you the clear, crisp images you want. The H2645 does. The images your new camera provides will delight you; they are unlike any that you’ve gotten from security cameras in the past.

Put Lagging Video Behind You

A security camera that lags and has glitches won’t do you much good. While it can happen to any camera, if it’s been happening to yours often, it’s time to make the switch to a higher-quality camera. This is not to say that the H264 was not a quality camera; it was. However, technological advances continue to allow better quality cameras to enter the market.

Ask someone who was around when home security cameras were relatively new what they were like. Lagging, poor image quality, and glitches were part of everyday life for those who owned one of the older cameras.

Updating Makes Sense

As mentioned above, technological advances are what make upgrading wise. Cameras are an important part of what keeps your home safe and secure. You don’t want to run the risk of missing out on the very moment that something happens on your property. The newer camera is better able to capture everything going on without missing anything.

Keep in mind that better image quality, the ability to store more video, and no more lagging are all things that improve the camera’s performance. Improved performance means that you’ll have video proof to give the authorities if you ever need it.

Record More

A micro SD card for security camera use is one way to record more. Without a micro SD card for security camera use, you’ll have to determine how long your camera can record. Generally, cameras record for between three weeks and 30 days.  After that time, the camera begins recording over the older material. If you have something that you want to keep, it’s vital to save it before the camera begins to auto-record over it.

Don’t feel pressure to upgrade every time a new camera comes on the market. Take the time to educate yourself about any new camera, and then make the decision as to whether it’s worth it or not. In the case of the H265, the benefits and features make it worth the switch. However, not every new camera will have enough benefits to make it worth it. Use your research and your judgment to make a wise decision.

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