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Winter Travel Tips: Better Safe than Sorry

Ariel October 4, 2014

Winter travel
Winter is coming

Traveling long distances during winter can be extremely dangerous and very stressful in the least. Moreover, if you do not have to travel anywhere unless really necessary, then it is better to avoid it until the weather conditions are better. But if you absolutely must travel, make sure that you have everything packed and that you follow the rules in accordance with the weather conditions.

Unless heavy snows, icy rains and freezing temperatures set in, you are not really in any kind of danger whether you are driving or using other means of transport. But you still need to double-check everything and make sure that you are acting accordingly to the weather conditions.

Winter traveling by air

Unless the weather conditions are absolutely horrible, you should be safe to travel by plane. But just to make sure, check what the weather forecast says about the coming days so that you will be prepared and remember to pack in all essential winter supplies.

Also, avoid traveling at peak times, as delays will be inevitable and people will get stressed out and furious which only leads to more problems than it could solve. If possible, look for alternative airports to have your flight, as most of the times, some airports cannot handle the people going in and out.

Going by car

It is extremely important that you pack everything you might need on the road, and put in an extra blanket or some snacks, if any accidents happen on the road. Moreover, make sure that you have all the necessary winter gear you need for your car, as it will minimize the chances of your car getting into an accident.

Remember to check your car before winter sets in, so that you will have everything working as it should and that you do not have to visit the service in the last possible moment. Also, put in extra winter clothes as well, for just in case.

Drive safely

You should account for the fact that everything freezes during winter, and ice will be forming almost anywhere on the road. Pay attention to obey the rules and to slow down, unless you want to slide into everyone in front of you. Driving slowly and braking in time means that you will not run into anyone, or run over anyone even if you look away for just a second.
Winter Tyre

Check your tyres

Winter tyres are important, and even they cost, you will have to put them on, as they will guarantee that you will have a safe drive without any serious accidents. You can always find cheap tyres, sometimes even used tyres are acceptable so that you do not have to pay too much for them.

Long distance

If you are planning on going for a long drive, then make sure that your car is well equipped with all the necessities and that you have extra blankets and dry clothes. Moreover, having a flare gun and other signaling tools is always a good idea, you just might run into someone who needs your help.

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