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The Most Beautiful Islands of Thailand

Ariel March 23, 2015

With more than hundreds of islands of serene and untouched beauty, islands of Thailand definitely merit a visit. Stay with us and discover some of the most beautiful and paradisiacal islands of Thailand. Koh Tao   The little island of only 21m2 has much more to offer than its small size. For example, Koh Tao… Continue Reading »


How to Throw a Top Secret Surprise Party

Ariel February 16, 2015

Everyone who says they wouldn’t want a special party to be thrown in their honor might not be completely honest. The truth is when everything is done right, there’s no need to be displeased. When the important intel about the key fella of the event are gathered and carefully analyzed, there’s hardly any room for… Continue Reading »


How to Preserve Your Family Memories

Ariel January 22, 2015

Many movies deal with the idea of memories and the possibility of erasing them. Almost every one of them ends with the point that those memories are what makes us who we are and therefore, they are precious. Your time with your family is also precious but it doesn’t last forever, unfortunately. Therefore, it is… Continue Reading »


Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Ariel December 18, 2014

With the incoming holiday season, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind, how to find a perfect gifts for their loved ones. Current global economy is not in perfect shape and neither is the ecological situation of our planet. What if I told you, that there is the way to improve both these things and get… Continue Reading »


How to Avoid Fighting before the Wedding

Ariel October 29, 2014

Marriage Entering into holy matrimony should be something lovely and a day to remember, but not to be remembered by fighting or by something else ruining the day. A wedding should be perfect and without any issues. Fights can breakout from the littlest of sparks, and when that happens, instead of fighting think back to… Continue Reading »


Easy Gifts for Hard-to-shop-for People

Ariel October 10, 2014

People who have everything It is already hard to find the perfect gift for someone, but it is even harder to shop for people who have everything. Although it seems like impossible to find the perfect gift, it is not. There are a few gift ideas that even people who have everything will appreciate greatly…. Continue Reading »


Winter Travel Tips: Better Safe than Sorry

Ariel October 4, 2014

Winter is coming Traveling long distances during winter can be extremely dangerous and very stressful in the least. Moreover, if you do not have to travel anywhere unless really necessary, then it is better to avoid it until the weather conditions are better. But if you absolutely must travel, make sure that you have everything… Continue Reading »


World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Ariel September 11, 2014

Dangerous roads No matter where you live, it is most certain that every country has its own dangerous roads that drivers find impossible to drive over; but the next few places are absolutely the worst to be found on driving, hands down. Most of the times, roads are considered hard and dangerous if something is… Continue Reading »

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