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Different Shapes of the Mysterious Black Pearls

Davy Greene August 28, 2015

mysterious black pearls

Black pearls are very rare pearls and have a deep glow which defines them. Tahitian Black pearls are most famous among all and a lot of qualities have to be looked through to select the perfect pearls among hundreds.

The size, shape, thickness, luster are some of the features, which experts examine before making their choice. Here are the different shapes of the black pearls found in the market:

5 shapes are distinctive among other shapes of the Tahitian Black pearls which make them a popular yet expensive choice for jewellery designers.


Most of the pearls are seen as round and it is the most common shape associated with them. But it is also the rarest shape because the nacre deposition inside the mollusk does not always takes place uniformly and the round shape is difficult to achieve.

The perfect round shape is a simple sphere with less than 2% of variation in the diameter.


The semi round shape of the pearls is more easily found and the sphere is imperfect. These pearls are almost as in demand like the round pearls and the diameter variation is about 2-5%.

To differentiate between completely round and semi-round pearls, they are rolled on a flat surface. All the pearls which roll in one direction only in a straight line, they are completely round and if they deviate from their path, they are semi-round or nearly round.


The baroque shape of the pearls is the most natural shape which is formed by piling up of their nacre on the impurity inside the mollusk or oyster. This shape is not round but it has an axis of rotation. It is more like a top and can spin on a flat surface along its axis.

The semi-baroque shape comes in different variations of pear, oval, button and teardrop. The teardrop is sought by women all over the world for making pearl earrings and the center piece.


Almost 30% of the black pearls which are harvested every year have the circular shape. The shape has circular bands on the entire surface of the pearls in the forms of rings, streaks or grooves. These bands are along the periphery and are perpendicular to the axis of the pearl.

The circle beads are not very popular in jewellery making because of their shape and customers do not like the grooves as compared to the smooth surface of the other pearls.


The baroque is asymmetrical and is irregularly shaped. It does not have any axis and will not spin. These pearls are used for making pearl powder and are crushed because they do not have any commercial value.

These are various shapes of the black pearl. The top three shapes are round, semi-round and semi-baroque which are also the most expensive since they are produced with difficulty. The lower two shapes are easily available and affordable even for black pearls.

People who want to just store pearls for their pearl collection should go for circles while the perfectly shaped black pearls Perth should be purchased for the fine jewellery.

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