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Give Yourself a Confidence Lift

lenardjohnson November 7, 2016

It’s common knowledge that how you look significantly influences the way other people perceive you. But it’s just the clothes you wear or the way you style your hair that affects their opinion. It’s your height. Taller people are seen as happier, more successful, and less insecure than their shorter counterparts. Unfortunately, when 75% of your height is determined by genetics (the remaining 25% is due to nutrition), you can’t will yourself to be any taller than you’re biologically allowed and cash in on these benefits. You’re stuck with the height that you have and the image it projects. That is, unless you invest in comfortable shoe lifts to add height and confidence to your life.


Shoe lifts or height insoles are the perfect way for shorter individuals to see how life can change for the better with a couple of inches. They slip comfortably into any shoe, instantly boosting your stature without any of the telltale sign of platform shoes or high heels. Many shorter individuals who stop by to find their shoe lift insert discover they improve the overall feeling of their regular shoes. That’s because the team at Add Height have created a patented 3-layered insole that supports the foot and ankle to provide the best cushioning throughout the day. As a result, discomfort and lower back pain from standing are all but eliminated.

Unlike elevator or platform shoes, which require you to wear one pair whenever you want to add height, shoe lifts can be placed into any existing shoe. Your bank account will thank you, as your closet of kicks will still have a function. You can simple insert these lifts into any trainer, dress, or casual shoe and instantly stand taller.

By saving money on comfortable shoe lifts, these inserts will give you the confidence to stand tall wherever you go. Your new found self-esteem can translate to gaining ground in both your professional and personal lives. People above the average height tend to get paid more than those who are below it. Meanwhile, OK Cupid has exposed the fact that taller men receive more messages than shorter ones.

Specifically designed insoles will out-perform generic brands. Remember to keep an eye out for inserts that consist of 3 layers, each designed to support you arches and back. When you find a height insole that can provide a comfortable way to enhance your stature, your improved physique won’t come at a cost. You’ll be able to seem taller, and gain all of the benefits this affords, absolutely pain free.

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