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How do I Connect my Brother Printer to my Computer Wirelessly?

printersupportplus December 11, 2021

Tips to Connect Brother Printer to Computer Wirelessly

Nowadays, people have maximum use of computers. Every work is related and done with the use of computers. Sometimes, we need a printout of something related to office, school, and other work at home. One of the other siblings has doubts about connecting their computer with their Brother printer wirelessly. Below are some of the ways and solutions by which they can solve their problem.

One can connect their computer with the printer by the wi-fi access point of both the devices wirelessly;

  • Locate the settings, turn on the wi-fi, connect it with wi-fi, and get ready for the configuration.
  • Printers can vary by manufacturing as many have screens to show the wi-fi settings and connections.
  • Connect the printer to the wireless LAN setting.
  • After accessing the LAN setting, relocate with the home network to set a service identifier, known as SSID.
  • As the user accesses the SSIS, they need to enter the password of their wi-fi to get connected to the computer and printer.
  • Once the printer is prepared to work, the user is ready to print all the activities related to the work.
  • Click the Windows icon at the bottom left of the desktop to reveal the windows start menu.
  • Locate the gear icon link to the setting windows and click on the icon ‘devices’.
  • In the Devices screen, choose ‘add printer or scanner’.
  • After clicking this option, the name and the device number of the printer will appear, which will be provided at the time of the manufacturing of the printer. Click on the name appearing on the screen.
  • Select the option ‘add the device,’ and the computer will do the rest of the wireless configuration.
  • Now, the printer is ready to print on the command of the user of the computer.

People have a lot of work to do with the computer, and they need to print the work they have done in many cases. Above are the ways mentioned to connect the computer wirelessly with the printer. Hence, the question asked by the user: how do I connect my Brother printer to my computer? Ways are given above. These can be the ways to help the user to know the steps to connect any printer to a computer wirelessly.

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