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How to Throw a Top Secret Surprise Party

Ariel February 16, 2015

Party food

Everyone who says they wouldn’t want a special party to be thrown in their honor might not be completely honest. The truth is when everything is done right, there’s no need to be displeased. When the important intel about the key fella of the event are gathered and carefully analyzed, there’s hardly any room for failure. The person or people organizing it must equip themselves with patience and bear in mind that endless teeny tiny aspects need to be addressed for a smooth play-out. Avoid potential bumps on the road with our helpful tips.

Impeccable Timing

This one can be tricky for both grownups and the little ones. It’s wise to select a date and time it so the dear friends and family can attend. Don’t get too sad if someone can’t make it, you can’t just fix everything. Try your hardest to fit them all in and hope for the best. Just don’t forget to include the main person with all the commotion going on. Choose a wingman to directly assist the dupe by arranging a meeting at certain time for the surprise to happen.


Although making a festivity at home sounds like a good idea, it may ruin the surprise if the setting is predictable and transparent. A restaurant, a bowling alley or karaoke bar are good initial idea to inspire other creative options. The venue doesn’t have to be permanent anyway. You can set off the surprise bomb at one place, and then go with everyone to another more convenient site.



Nobody would like to miss a playful, costumed party. Disney costumes can even strike a chord with some people in their 20s and 30s still mesmerized by its magic, and for children that’s pretty much a sure shot. The latest craze is the animated feature Frozen, but we advise you to investigate the subject of your kid’s wishes before you get enthusiastic about a favorite. Let them shine on your special day, make an agreement with others to play down on the lavishness of their apparels.


Let’s not forget about the food and refreshments, as well as cake or other sweets. Mind the allergies and provide some vegan or vegetarian options. You can also make it a BYOF (bring your own food), no shame in contributing. Decoration is a must. Make it simple for the grownups and colorful for the kids, or the other way round if person you’re entertaining prefers it so.

Hush, hush

Instruct the guest to keep the special guy/girl in the dark and make sure only the tested secret keepers are in the know beforehand. If you’re living with the birthday bloke or gal, use incognito mode for search and secret group on Facebook to coordinate everything successfully.

Light and Fun

Mingle around to maintain the atmosphere pleasant and cheerful, especially for the surprised person. It’s their day so once you see them smiling and entertained, you’ll know you’ve made it.

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