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What are Master Key Systems?

Alex Mahone January 24, 2019

Do you know that your local locksmith can do a lot to rid you of your lockout problems? They don’t just come up with last minute key duplicate fabrications but also provide you with timely master key solutions. If you are tired of using a different key for every room or door in your workplace, this is for you.

Master key systems are the best way to combine all of your primary and secondary keys into one cost-effective tool. You can use this as a form of access control. But for this to be a success in your office, you will need a highly experienced locksmith.

Your existing locks are already special. They are robust and very reliable but what makes them more trustworthy is your locksmith who is going to create / engineer a customized master key system for your space and it is going to be very specific to your existing locks.

Following are the primary benefits of having a master key system:

  •    It is effective when you want to reduce the number of keys needed in your office
  •       You can enhance the security of your property
  •       Master key system can be fully customized
  •       It is very much convenient for property owners and/ or building administrators
  •       You can grant limited access to the property only to certain individuals
  •       You can easily get various degrees of control over your property
  •    As an owner you can use just a single key to access multiple points of entry and exit in your house or office

Following are the wide range of commercial and residential properties where you can use a master key system:

  •    Huge office buildings with various departments
  •    Clinics and hospitals
  •    Municipal and government buildings
  •    All kinds of apartment complexes
  •    Banks and other financial institutions
  •    Warehouses, godowns and other industrial facilities

It is always recommended to go for high-quality and trusted locksmith companies who can provide the best in master key system installation and management.

Who All In Your Office Should Have Access To Your Master Key System?

Apartment Landlords / Agents

Giving them a single key for multiple rooms and access points does simplify their job a lot and also does away with the inconvenience of carrying around a pile of different noisy keys.

Your Maintenance And Cleaning Guy

Don’t hand out a key to all your janitorial and cleaning crew. Instead just ask your locksmith to create a master key system especially for your maintenance or cleaning staff.

Associates, Managers, Owners, And Directors

A master key system is just highly appropriate for a company that has a lot of members in their upper management hierarchy. And of course your Security guards are going to need one set too.

Final Thoughts

You should always pick a Locksmith who can provide you with more than just a few helpful tips and useful trivia and bits of knowledge when it comes to installing, maintaining and upgrading a variety of automotive, residential and commercial locks. They should understand the latest trends in the security industry and should be aware of how to make everyone in your organization feel secure and safe at all times.

Remember to hire them readily if they can provide you with not just a solution to increase control over your property but also to exercise total freedom with regards to maintaining security in your ambitious commercial project and your haven which you call home.

You may be in need for more than just a duplicate key and so it is better that they are capable of delivering simple solutions and more complex strategies as the need arises. Always keep in mind that the biggest advantage of a master key system is that it can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs.

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