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Best Packing and Moving Tips for Relocating To Your New Home

Stephan321 January 29, 2019

Relocating to a new place is a time of excitement as well as stress. People are excited to move to a new home and stressed due to the activities involved in the process. From the beginning of packing to the moving day, most activities involve taking time out of the daily routine.

Packing is the most time taking activity in the relocation process. Moreover, you need to get rid of the unnecessary stuff that you come to know about when you start packing. Let us check some of best packing and moving tips to make your move easier than ever.

Start early

The first step to make your move easy is to start the process as soon as possible. There are a lot of tasks to do such as cancellation of services, packing the stuff, researching for the removalist, transfer of jobs, and managing kids and pets. The sooner you start, the more time will be available for all the activities. Therefore, it is good to start early to avoid the stress of doing more in less time.

Get rid of the unwanted stuff

There are a lot of things in every home that are not of much use such as an old radio, an outdated computer, and many other items that nobody uses. You need to get rid of such things to reduce the stuff that needs packing. You can sell the unnecessary stuff online or in the flea markets, donate them or offer them to your friends who need them.

Categorize the stuff

Categorizing the things can make the process a lot easier than packing anything in any box. Categorize together the things that belong to the same category before packing. For example, you can check all your closets, laundry room and dirty clothes hamper to take out all the clothes you have. Similarly categorize all the other things like books, important documents, shoes, kitchen essentials, etc.

Research on moving services

You need a removalist service to transport your stuff from your existing home to the new location. However, all the removalist companies are not equal regarding services and price. Some charge you high and some don’t offer good quality of services. Therefore, you need to research to find out the right service like interstate removals Cairns to help you pack and move your stuff. Researching the removal services takes time, so, it is essential to start your research as early as possible.

Create a moving to do list

When you plan to move, you need to do endless things that are difficult to remember. Therefore, it is essential to make a to-do list to remember all the tasks that need to be done. Create a to-do list and write the functions in the order of sequence and priority. Start with writing the functions that need to be done first and continue in the order of preference.

Save money by packing yourself

The removal companies charge you for packing your stuff. You can save a lot by packing yourself and pay only for the handling and transportation. For packing yourself, you need to get the cardboard boxes and crates from a local store.

You can get the cardboard boxes from a local liquor or departmental store. Pack the home appliances in their original boxes if you have them. Visit a hardware store and buy the stuff like packing tape, screws, putty, bubble wrap, measuring tape, etc. However, you need to start the packing in advance. Start packing the things that you don’t use daily and pack the daily use items in the last.

Schedule the cancellation of services

Before moving to the new place, you need to unsubscribe to all the local services like internet, Cable TV, electricity, cooking gas, departmental store services, milk, bakery and newspaper. Apply for the cancellation at least one month in advance and inform them about the date until you want to use the services. Cancelling them at the right time will save you from any fines or extra charges. Don’t forget to apply for the subscription at the new place in advance, so that you can use them as soon as you get into your new home.

Labelling and numbering the boxes

Labelling is the key to find the boxes anytime after packing and approaching the new location. Label the boxes by the rooms and category. For example, label the boxes containing the books as books, study room and books bedroom. To take your labelling to the next level, you can number the boxes. Numbering the boxes helps you count the boxes and keep them in a sequence; it also helps you to determine if any box goes missing.

Take care of the fragile items

Pack the fragile items with the protection of bubble wraps or blankets. You need to pack items such as crockery, glasses, and glass paintings with proper protection. Pack the crockery plates vertically as they are less likely to break in this position. You need to pack every fragile item with proper cushioning using packing paper, bubble sheet or blanket.

Take care of your pets

If you have pets, you need to take care of their comfort while you pack all your stuff as they don’t accept changes quickly. Make sure you feed them on time and take them for a walk and take care of their belongings in the days of packing.

Your family members

All the members in the family from kids to elders feel some discomfort due to the activities like packing, cancellation of services, and moving. You need to take care of them especially during the last week when everything is moved from its place. Make sure you take care of the comfort of your family members during and before the move.

Final Words

If you plan and schedule the things, home shifting will be easier than you think. Taking care of all the points in this post and adding your own according to your requirements will enable to make the relocation much simple and convenient. The team is committed to providing Clients with an exceptional service. This service ensures quality workmanship, value for money and unique landscaping solutions that result in beautiful spaces.

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