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Seed Beads: The Perfect Beads for Jewellery Making

Davy Greene July 28, 2015

Seed Beads

Seed beads resemble a plant seed in their shape and size and that is why they are called seed beads. Another more technical name for the same is Rocaille which means round.

Types of Seed Beads

Many diverse kinds of beads are present in the market, but most jewelers believe that the Japanese and Czech Republic beads to be of top quality.

Japanese seed beads

Japanese seed beads are known for their precision cut and uniformity of size. The common beads in this genre are known as Myuki, Toho and Matsuma. They are utilized for off-loom weaving and beading because their centre has a huge hole, all the way through which thread can be passed quite a few times easily.

Czech Republic unique seed beads

These beads are not as uniform in shape as Japanese beads but are more economical. They are available in the oval shape with the thin hole running through the narrow part. They come in the market, strung on hanks.

Japanese cylinder beads

Japanese cylinder beads are Toho treasures, Toho Aikos and Miyuki Delicas. They are available in the form of small tubes and large holes. They are specially used for peyote stitch which needs large holes in the beads for passing the string several times into the same hole.

The delicas, treasures and aikos despite being of the same size i.e. size 11 will vary in size. So it is always recommended to use the same type of cylinder beads for a consistent, gorgeous look to the complete project.


Popularly known as true-cuts, Charlottes are beads which sparkle. They have a facet ground which gives them one of its kind twinkle.

Hex cut beads

As the name suggests, the hex cut beads have 6 faces ad look like a hexagon. The 6 faces gives them sparkle as light is easily reflected from these cut faces. They have an irregular appearance and their face makes them popular.

Triangle Beads

The triangular beads are in the shape of triangles and come in sizes from 5 till 12. The Myuki triangles have softer edges while Toho triangles have much sharper edges.

Drop beads

Drop beads are popularly known as fringe drops, ear drops and magatamas according to their shape. They are generally round and the hole is at one end to give the bead a drop appearance.

Seed Bead Finishes

Seed bead finishing’s also come in a vast variety. Thus, many combinations can be made by mixing different beads with different finishing. Here are some popular finishing’s used for seed beads:

AB Coating

The AB coating is a beautiful glaze on the bead which is short form for Aurora Borealis. The beads receive a spectacular, colourful iridescent coating on their surface akin to the Aurora Borealis northern lights.

Ceylon Beads

Ceylon beads have a pearly finish which does not wear off. They are beautiful to look at and are used in various jewellery designs in place of pearls.

Lustre Coating

A transparent glaze to give lustre to the bead is Lustre coating. It makes the beads stand out, more long-lasting and water resistant.

Vitrial Coating

Vitrial is a gleaming coating that is alike the AB coating, but has a slightly stronger, more opaque rainbow effect.

Thus, one can buy any type of seed beads at bead shops Perth to start making beautiful jewellery.

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